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“ Good headshots need to have that little something extra – the edge to make you stand out from the crowd: a sparkle in the eyes; a genuine smile; a comfortable expression; and a confidence in the body language. Teamwork is always the key element in achieving this goal.”

Armen has the unique ability to set you at ease while showcasing your best look and the right pose to suit any casting call.


All our shoots are done at a fully – equipped professional photography studio, conveniently located in the heart of Studio City with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff.

We are firm believers in achieving the highest quality at every shoot. As such, packages are priced based on the number of looks rather than frames of shots used. This gives the actor time to relax, warm up to the camera, have fun with the shoot, and show a variety of expressions.

Armen likes to have this freedom as well. He can be more spontaneous, use different zooms, shoot at different angles, and try to capture the essence of his client – showing a personality, rather than simply taking an image.

During the shoot, you will have plenty of time to discuss different ideas and for changes of looks. Shots can be taken in our studio as well as outside in natural light – details on this can be discussed ahead of your appointment.

Once the session is completed, we’ll provide a password for you to view your photos online. This allows you the convenience of reviewing the photos wherever you wish, and in your own time. You can either call us or come into our studio when you have made your choices.

The typical turnaround time for the 8×10 prints is about four business days. Should you need them more urgently arrangements can be made. You also always have the option to make an appointment with Armen to come in and view images on screen and discuss any necessary retouching.


In choosing your outfits, be sure consider the goal of the shoot:
What type of personality are you trying to convey?
What character are you aiming to portray with your shots?

If this is your first point of communication with a potential casting agent – as it usually is – it must be very well thought-through. We highly recommend that you put some time and thought into knowing what you are hoping to achieve from your different looks. It is best to consult with your agent or manager for guidance.

We do advise that you stay away from any clothing with logos, slogans or patterns, and avoid excessive jewelry. Since the focus needs to be on you, these would merely serve as a distraction. Solid and neutral colors tend to photograph better. Layers, especially some element of outerwear such as a jacket, can work well. While these are not recommended for a regular headshot, you are welcome to bring hats, glasses (non-glare), jewelry, or any other necessary props for a character-specific look. Please note that we do not provide character clothing or props at our studio.


While we make the recommendations above based on our experience, we realize that you may still have an outfit in a certain color, or a specific top that works well for you. If so, bring it in and we’ll have it as an option. It’s important that you bring clothes that you are comfortable earing and are a part of who you are. It’s always best to have a variety to pick from.

For print, beauty, and fashion you want outfits that are more glamorous and sexy. You can use shades, scarves and big jackets to accessorize. Looking through magazines is a great way of finding new ideas. A professional stylist is also highly recommended.


A professional make-up artist and hair stylist is always recommended.


Getting the right type and level of retouching done is crucial. Ultimately, it can make or break the end product. Our studio employs the most skilled professionals to ensure your photos are in the best hands, and Armen himself is always involved throughout the retouching process for every shoot.

A well retouched picture still looks like you. With the right amount of retouching, a good photograph can be a great headshot. Our retouching services are included as a standard in all photo shoot packages.


We recommend that you speak to your agent or manager about the goal of the photo shoot and the types of looks you would like to achieve. While we are happy to make suggestions, you and your agent know your objectives best. Be sure to discuss and come prepared with some ideas of what you’d like to see in your photos.

Make sure you are well-rested and fresh – there is only so much retouching can edit without it looking like someone else! As you would to any audition,
come in with a positive and motivated attitude – it makes all the difference.


On average, Armen requires a two – week advance notice for all shoots. You can always inquire about an earlier appointment – he’ll be happy to accommodate if it works with his schedule. A $50 non-refundable credit card deposit is required when making an appointment for all shoots. Should you need to cancel or re-schedule for any reason, we will credit your account for a future appointment.



QUESTIONS? CALL 818.789.9825
MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK PACKAGE _____________________________________________________________ $399
3 LOOK SHOOTOnline web gallery, 3 photos retouched, digital files of all images.
CELEBRITY PACKAGE _____________________________________________________________________________ $499
4 LOOK SHOOTOnline web gallery, 4 photos retouched, digital files of all images.
VOGUE PACKAGE ________________________________________________________________________________ $599
5 LOOKS SHOOTOnline web gallery, 5 photos retouched, digital files of all images.
STARVING ACTOR PACKAGE _______________________________________________________________________ $325
2 LOOK SHOOTOnline web gallery, 2 photos retouched, digital files of all images.
ONE LOOK PACKAGE _____________________________________________________________________________ $235
1 LOOK SHOOTOnline web gallery, 1 photo retouched, digital files of all images.
EACH ADDITIONAL LOOK (AFTER 5 LOOK PACKAGE) __________________________________________________ $100
Includes one photo retouched for each look

Studio and natural lighting available. A Look is wardrobe, lighting and background change to create a different look, feel and personality. call us for day rates at studio or location.



Regular studio hours are: Monday to Friday, 10AM to 6PM

We are closed on certain holidays – please call to check with us.
Also, if your weekdays are too hectic, we are happy to discuss weekend appointment options.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us at
(818) 789-9825.

We look forward to helping you show your best side to the next casting director.


“I booked three #1 movies, and plenty of tv shows using the headshots Armen did for me. I owe you some money! Thanks so much!”
Jay Philips

“My experience with Armen: LOVED him, ADORED the pictures and very much ENJOYED the whole experience. Can not recommend him highly enough!”
Estelle Harris

“I have to say, WOW! Armen’s photos have Casting Directors blowing my agents phone up! In fact, in the last 24 hours I have TRIPLE bookings. National Commercial, Guest Star Episodic and Feature Film. Good photography is exactly that. The pictures are what get Actors like myself called in to offices because it is what they see 1st. Thank you thank you for your professional work, fast turn around and bringing in Barabara Dally as make-up artists which was the icing on the cake!!!!!”
Tisha French

“Armen is the greatest man ever! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for anything. Best service, headshots, everything. Thanks for getting my wife back Armen!”
Kyle Cease

“I’ve shot with Armen twice, for both commercial and theatrical headshots. And both times ended with so many good shots to choose from, the hardest part was picking one! It’s a great feeling to go into an audition and have the casting director immediately say, ‘great headshot’ and that has happened to me many times with Armen’s shots. He is an incredibly easy personality to get along with, making the whole shoot a very comfortable and fun experience. I have already sent friends to him and I will continue to pass his name along. Shooting with Armen is a sure thing.”
Kayla Maloney

“I want you to know what a joy it was to work with you. You made me feel very comfortable and at home. Right after I got the headshots to my agent and on the casting web – site, I was sent on four interviews. I ended up getting a National Commercial from the first interview. It has started running now on Network and on Cable. I am sure that more work will come because I now have pictures that represent me in the best light possible. Thanks again for helping me to have the right tools for work in this industry.”
April Tatro Snyder

“Armen is not only a great photographer but he is great at helping the Actor make smart choices that are in line to what Agents and Casting Directors want to see when they see your headshot. Armen doesn’t mass produce the same look yet he gets a vibe for who you are as an Artist and as a person and combines those things to get a truthful Headshot.

The truth speaks volumes and I think that there is nothing worst than when you look at a Actors headshot and it is retouched to the max and then the Actor walks into the room and you see a completely different person. Armen doesn’t believe in retouching every single line or wrinkle from your face because it’s not truthfully who you are… even my Agent Daniel Hoff who thought that Armen shoots African Americans well said “even babies have lines under their eyes when they smile” and I thought you are exactly right. I get compliments on my Headshots all the time and when I look at them I see a truthful representation of myself and when I walk into a C.D’s office the picture and I the Actress are the same.”
Niko Posey

“If you need good headshots, look no further.
I have been taking headshots since 1998. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to do re-shoot after re-shoot
because my agent or my acting coach or I was unhappy with the proof sheet.
Distracting background.
Wrong color scheme.
The top of my head is cut off.
Too off center.
Still uncomfortable with the photographer even after the first hour.
I can go on and on with the various reasons for the unsatisfactory product.
Then I perused Armen’s website. After having so many bad experiences and being so skeptical, I decided to have an extensive conversation with him on the phone about my apprehensions and insecurities. He immediately alleved me of any fears I might have, and assured me that everything that was within his control would be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. So I agreed to a session.

Right off the bat, I loved his vibe and the vibe of the studio. Armen is confident, so it’s assuring to know that the photographer you’re spending all this money on for your business card (aka. our headshots) knows exactly what he’s doing.

Thank the good Lord, both Armen and my gracious makeup artist (hired through his studio) were both more than patient and understanding of my crazy situation that day. They understood I had a traumatic experience with my hair that delayed our session by four hours. (I asked for some body in my hair and I came out looking like a poodle! It took the salon two hours to mess up my hair and then another two hours to undo it.) Yet, Armen was still determined to make these headshots worth my time. I apologized profusely to Armen, who kindly assured me that everything was all right. Then he said the coolest thing to me. He told me we weren’t going to rush my session just because we were running almost four hours behind. He said if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. Mind you, it was dark outside as it was nighttime by now!!

Bless his heart. I wondered if he was a unicorn?

I’ll tell you, I almost cried with frustration. I was so extremely sorry and so in need of good headshots! But for the first time in seven years, I really feel like I finally got some pictures I can really use. As opposed to settling for the most decent of the bunch, I actually have a bunch to choose from!! He captured a lot of sides of me that I wasn’t comfortable showing in front of other photographers for one reason or another.

Now you know why Armen receives my highest accolades and thanks. I appreciate Armen for being so good at what he does, and being so kind as he does it.

Karyn Lee

“Armen these photos are amazing. Thank you so much. I am getting wonderful feedback!”
Tomoe Nakayama

“I sent out my Headshots and was overwhelmed with call backs. Armen is a great photographer and did a good job with me. All Agents I met with said the Headshot was great. Thanks Armen!”
Jesse Cutlip