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Personal Projects:
To keep a creative edge, Armen explores ideas and concepts during his travels and at the studio. He takes time to create for the sake of creation. Coming up with new ideas motivates him to grow as a photographer and an artist. For his work not to become routine, he continuously tries to explore different avenues for both his personal and professional work.

With an extensive background in art, Armen has made photography his life’s work. It has been said that, “If you love what you do, you will never work.” Armen is lucky enough to be one such example.

Exploring every aspect in the world of art – from graphics, to fine art and abstract concepts, to photography – and with subjects ranging from nature, to still- life and objects of every shape and size, Armen has been building his expertise in photography for as long as he has been able to hold a camera. Now, with his skills fine-tuned after many years of professional photography, he is able to offer his superior expertise for all personal photography requests. His exposure to – and many years of hands-on practice in – the broadest range of artistic skills has provided him with his uniquely versatile talents, which he applies every single time he picks up a camera.